Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered. – Proverbs 11:25

As body of believers we are called to love others above all else. To show Christ’s love we are also called to serve others. By serving others we are in fact serving God and sharing His goodness with others. When we serve others we not only offer them God’s blessings and hope, but we are also emptying our individual watering cans so that we can continually be refilled and renewed by the Holy Spirit. As members of this body, Oak Grove, God is entrusting each of us with at least one acorn. Inside your acorn is a steadfast symbol of strength waiting to burst forth. But in order for your tiny dime size tree to grow and multiply with many more acorns, you must first turn the soil with your hands and deposit your seed. Once you have placed it in the ground to take root you will need continually empty your watering can on your seed and seek His unending refilling. After much nurturing you will see your tree slip out of the ground and slowly develop into a mighty unshakable oak. If we each plant and nurture our seeds in unity, image the mighty grove of oaks we can grow.

Get Involved

We have a number of places for you to turn the soil and plant your seeds. We have “Teams” that have a purpose of serving the needs of our church body (inward focused) and “Ministries” that have a purpose of serving our body and the community (outward focused). We are excited for you to join us in bringing blessings to each other and to the community in His name. Mostly, we are excited to see God moving, in and through people. Where does God want you to plant your acorn?